Thursday, 10 September 2015

Duffy Assembly

Today at Duffy assembly we had a man called Myron Simpsons he talk about him self he had been to over 25 countries and he had won a silver medal in mexico he had a Aero Dynamic to make him go much faster like an motorbike his bike was a Carbonfibre  he got his bike from France.He piked 4 people Myron gave the Gorge his silver medal, he gave his shoes to Mateaki, then he gave Honey the helmet it had the newzealand flag and the kiwi and the silver ferns,after that he gave the suit to Sioeli.Last of all  Alisi did a thank you speech to Myron Simpsons.

Image result for cyclist aerodynamic new zealand helmetImage result for silver medal images cyclistImage result for cyclist shoesImage result for cyclist suit

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Mrs Tofa said...

What did you learn from his speech Timote?

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