Monday, 31 August 2015


Tongan pigs are big and small they are fast and slow.We eat pigs because we like it. Pigs are yum becuse we like eating pork. Pigs runaway when we try and kill it. We like pig because. it's delicious. It brings joy to Tongans when we eat it for dinner

Friday, 28 August 2015


Mechanic does fixing cars,planes and making it work

Mechanic dose fixing and they fix engines,tyres so it can make it drive

I want to fix changing the oil and,replacing the tyres,replacing window blades,doing fluid levels.
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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Car Wash

The first thing I did on Saturday was to give my cake to give it to the teacher.The cakes were $1.50 and the drinks were $1 dollar and the sausage sizzle was $1.50 and the chop suey and potato was $5 dollars for a bowl.  I had to wait for a car to wash, then a car came for a wash and  it was Miss Parker husband car. It was dirty so i got some helpers to help me wash his car.Next car I washed was Bono Mum’s car and uncle car. I was tired of washing his car then my friend brought some potato salad and chop suey for James and Mangila and I. I did the spoon and James did the chop suey and Mangila did the potato salad. Then we put it in the bowl. After that, we put it on the table.Then another car came and  we rushed to the car to wash it. We had to do lots of washing to clean this car because it was really muddy. At the end of the car wash we raised $910 dollars.

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Homeless Guy

Once there lived a person called Sefo he was Homeless I kept walking past him and looking at him he looked like a different kind of human i felt sad for the homeless person.

I came back around 3 years he was still there he had ripped cloths and he had no shoes on.He set up his own music equipment every time he sang a song it sounded beautiful.There was one rich guy gave him a billion dollars.

After a few weeks later he had a career he sell lots of songs people started liking him.He went and look for a women to marry him he looked everywhere then he sawed a woman that looked pretty he asked the woman’s name.

Her name was Maria then Sefo asked her out in a date they went to a restaurant they started to know each other after that the next day Sefo went  to bought a ring then they went to the same restaurant then it was the right time to give it to her.

Sefo went down on his knees and asked her to marry me she said yes.They got all there dress ready and there suite ready after they got married .They had 3 kids, 90 million dollars, they lived in a mansion and a Lamborghini car.

They lived happily ever after.  

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Car Wash

On Staurday we are going to have a car wash at Glenbrae School at 103 lyebourn Circle.We are fundraising for our camp next term for the year 7 and 8.We are going to Waitangi we need lots of money and lots of sponsorship to sponsor us for our camp.

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Yesterday my dad ask if we can go to the swimming pool so we said yes first we got our cloths ready then we got our towel after that we went to the shop and brought some food to eat at the swimming pool.When we got there i quickly went in the pool after that i was tired of swimming so i went to get some food and eat it then i went back to the pool.after that we went to carls j the burger that I got was the BBQ burger it was delicious so i got another BBQ burger i was full so went back home and have a rest.