Friday, 29 August 2014

The Big Game

The Big Game by Sue Gibbison

This story is about 2 Children and their Mum.The two children liked to play soccer because that was their favourite sport to play.The children and the mum heard there was a big game in their hometown.

Mum wanted the boys to do some chores before they could go to the big game.
The Mum and her children went to the park to see the rugby players and the author’s stomach started flipping  as if she was playing.

Mum went up to Shawn when the kids went away. Then Karla’s mum asked  when Shawn was playing again because she wanted the children to more chores for her.

By Timote

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


1. Why was the baby sparrow named Dusty?
Because they found dusty in the dusty  bran
2. Where did the characters in this article keep the sparrow?
they put the bird inside a box with rags and covered by a towel
3. Why did Mum ring Marie, her neighbour?
she had lots of birds they went to look for some worms
4. When would Dusty be ready to fly?
when he is old then he can fly
5. What happened to Dusty in the end?
he was dead

Activity 2 - Vocabulary
WALT:  1. Use an online dictionary. 2. Look for meanings of words from the text I have read.
Success Criteria: 1. I am able to use an online dictionary. 2. I am able to say  the meanings of words

Read page 1 of the story and look for these words in the text. Then use a dictionary to find the meanings of these words.

Dictionary Meanings
1.   climbed
go or come up
2.   watched
look at or observe attentively
3.   allowed
an event or activity
4.   neighbour
a person living near or next door
5.   worried
having or characterized by worried
6.   covered
to place something over or upon
7.   wonder
to think speculate curiously
8.   rescued
to free or deliver from confinement
9.   feather
one of the horny structures
10. believe
to have confidence in the truth

Activity 3 - Blog
Use Sumo Paint to draw a picture based on this story and write about the picture. Edit your work and then put it .timote.jpg

Friday, 21 March 2014

Trip To Motat

We went to motat to learn about transport we got there by a bus we go into groups.We went to other activities.

First the lady talked to us about motat then we went to a room and had lunch in a room.We went into a classroom and play with the transport.

Last of all we had a tram ride around town.Then the driver talk about the tram ride then we came back from the tram ride.

The lady side thank you for coming then we got  in the bus and went back to school.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Five facts about weta

This is where I got my facts:

The weta is only found in New Zealand and is so old it has outlived the dinosaurs.

Weta are large by insect standards. Some of the giant weta are enormous and are amongst the heaviest insects in the world

The weta is sometimes called the dinosaur of the insect world
Cave weta have big back legs and can jump up to two metres!
The cave weta has very long antennae and legs. It uses it’s antennae to feel around in