Tuesday, 1 April 2014


1. Why was the baby sparrow named Dusty?
Because they found dusty in the dusty  bran
2. Where did the characters in this article keep the sparrow?
they put the bird inside a box with rags and covered by a towel
3. Why did Mum ring Marie, her neighbour?
she had lots of birds they went to look for some worms
4. When would Dusty be ready to fly?
when he is old then he can fly
5. What happened to Dusty in the end?
he was dead

Activity 2 - Vocabulary
WALT:  1. Use an online dictionary. 2. Look for meanings of words from the text I have read.
Success Criteria: 1. I am able to use an online dictionary. 2. I am able to say  the meanings of words

Read page 1 of the story and look for these words in the text. Then use a dictionary to find the meanings of these words.

Dictionary Meanings
1.   climbed
go or come up
2.   watched
look at or observe attentively
3.   allowed
an event or activity
4.   neighbour
a person living near or next door
5.   worried
having or characterized by worried
6.   covered
to place something over or upon
7.   wonder
to think speculate curiously
8.   rescued
to free or deliver from confinement
9.   feather
one of the horny structures
10. believe
to have confidence in the truth

Activity 3 - Blog
Use Sumo Paint to draw a picture based on this story and write about the picture. Edit your work and then put it .timote.jpg