Thursday, 30 July 2015

Child Abuse

 Child Abuse

Children gets abused over 2,000 children gets beaten and smash in the U.S children dies of abuse each year in the U.S of abuse.In florider parents leave they younger children at home only 12 and up can go with there parents.

Physical abuse is an injury to a child or a person physical abuse can hurt child by broken bones ,concussion or bruns.Physical abuse can leave makes one there body like bruises, welts on there neck , chest and at the back.

Monday, 20 July 2015

My Holidays

YAS! It the holidays it going to be fun in the holidays.

On Friday we went to Happy Days I got lots of food I was still hungry so I went to get some more food then I went to get a drink after that I got some desert I got lots of yummy food the my stomach was getting was fun eating at Happy Days.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

House Sport

Today at lunch we went to the field and play relay.We got into our house colours the first people to race was the Nikau house after they ran their fastest like a car to the end after that it was the Kauri turn to race it was a close race.

Next it was Kowai turn to race they ran fast as a cheetah.Next it was the Rata house they ran fast like the wind.The last race was the fastest 4 people in each houses they got into the lines then they started to run fast like the fastest thing in the world.The house that came first was the Kauri house,Nikau house,Rata house and the last house was Kowai house. 

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